Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Classroom Jobs

This past school year I was lucky to be trained in Conscious Discipline and classroom jobs are an important part of this program.  Becky Bailey encourages teachers to have a job each week for every child in the class but with 29 kinders last year I ran out of ideas.  Thanks to Mrs. Dillards Classroom Jobs linky party I have been given many new ideas.

I had fifteen jobs in my class and they are as follows.

1. Line leader
2. Caboose: this person's job was to make sure everyone walked in line quietly.
3. Electrician: this person was in charge of turning on and off classroom lights as needed.
4. Messenger: this person took the lunch count to the cafeteria, items or messages to the office and other classrooms.
5. Lunch Basket Helper: this person with 3 strong friends took our two lunch baskets down to the cafeteria each morning.
6. Song chooser: this person was in charge of choosing all of the songs we sang.
7. Calendar person
8. Weather girl/boy
9. Newsreporter: this person read the daily schedule out loud and helped with the morning message.
10. Scrap Patrol: this person had the all important job of picking up scraps of paper that littered the floor.
11. Direction helper: This past year one of my students was autistic and it was really helpful if the direction steps were written down.  I developed a card along with the standard kindergarten directions and the direction helper made sure that each tables card had all of the steps necessary to complete a task.  (Most of the time I find that I'm not always creative but I was really proud of how this idea not only helped my autistic student but all of the kids from asking me 100 times what they needed to do)
12. Writers workshop helper: This persons job was to make sure the kids had everything they needed for writers workshop.
13. Trash collector: this person took care of putting the garbage cans in the hallway at the end of the day.
14. Materials manager: this person handed out papers to students
15. Teacher helper: this person did a myriad of things to help make the day go smoothly.

My job chart was pretty plain this year but I love all of the theme ideas posted.  Might have to spice it up a bit this year.

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  1. I'll have to add a direction helper for next year. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Little Treasures