Saturday, August 27, 2011

And now it's back to work

Wow, it has been a very busy week. After returning from vacation I knew I had to get busy getting ready for school.  The first thing I did was update my ABC's of Kindergarten.  I know many kindergarten teachers do this and it is a big help to our new parents.ABC's of Kindergarten Okay, hopefully this is right and the link can be seen, this is new stuff for me.
I've  also been in my classroom the last two days to begin setting it up for my kiddos but it has been a bit of a challenge.  Our entire district has been under construction and they are trying to finish last minute stuff which means our custodians are finding it hard to get into classrooms to clean.  I will love all of the new technology we are getting but without being able to fully set up my classroom I find it a bit stressful.  Any way I have a few pictures of my work and the progress of my classroom.
This is a picture of my classroom from my desk area looking towards the hall.
Another first day in my classroom, looking at my new interactive white board.  YEAH!!!!
I moved classrooms last year for this beautiful storage room.  This is what my storage room looked like when I closed it for summer.
A quick picture of my bulletins board covered in beautiful, bright fabric.  My classroom has a movable wall in it that is closed but gives me lots of bulletin board space.  It also has 3 big south facing windows and I found last year that the bulletin board paper faded really fast so I opted for fabric.
The curtains are up and the kids tables are being put into place.  With our new interactive technology, I've moved my tables to that end of  my classroom hopefully the kids will be able to see the white board that way.
Another pic. of my classroom.  Forgot to take more yesterday afternoon when I left but will do first thing Monday.  I'm going to spend the weekend working on curriculum stuff at home.  I am very excited that this year I only currently have 23 students which is a nice change from the 29 I had last year.


  1. How did you secure the fabric? It looks amazing!

  2. I used staples since its a movable wall

  3. I love your frabic classroom bulletins. Where do you get the fabulous fabric? Also, should I ask for a specific type of fabric? Thank you!

  4. I bought the fabric at Joann's. I think it was there country classics line, not too expensive