Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's been a busy few days

Well after four long days my classroom is set up and ready to go.  I keep forgetting to take pictures but will do so ASAP and get them posted.  I'm spending today and tomorrow working from home since I know for sure the computer will be working there.  It's been a bit of a challenging start since every building in our district has had some sort of construction project going on.  My building is one of the lucky ones as we did not have a lot of big construction, there are several teachers in our district that haven't even been able to get into their classrooms.
I am excited about some of the construction as every classroom has received new sound systems and interactive white boards.  Any way these next two days are dedicated to getting, folders, lunch clips, bus tags name tags ready as well as I large list of other things  (I can officially check name tags off my list, thanks Fran from Kindergarten Crayons for mentioning where I can find the plastic name tag covers.)
I use the great resources from Environments to make name tags for my class.  Each student has a picture beginning with the same letter sound as their name which really helps for recognition.  I also use Environments for classroom labels too!

This year I'm excited to have only 24 kiddos in my room a nice change from the 29 I had last year. We begin next week with an orientation day on Tuesday, half the class on Wednesday, the remaining half on Thursday and the full class next Friday.  Wednesday and Thursday our reading specialist and her little elves will be pulling all kinders for literacy testing.  This is a big help to the classroom teachers and we really appreciate it.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Labor day weekend.  I'll post classroom pics soon.

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