Monday, August 1, 2011

Making my list and checking it twice

I know in  Michigan we don't start school until after labor day and this year with some construction and new technology coming into our classrooms staff isn't even allowed to come in before Aug. 29th, but there's something about August that get's me itching to get ready for another school year.  So instead of getting into my classroom I'm starting my list of things to do and getting some things ready.  Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers out there this year I have more things I'm excited to do for my classroom. So this is what I have done so far:

1. Part of the technology upgrades is a new projector, whiteboard and sound field system so I've now transferred all of the cd's with great music on them (Dr. Jean, Mr. Al, Learning Station, Gemini and so on) into itunes.  My goal is to keep it handy on my desk top and use that for quickly finding, singing and dancing to the songs.  This spring on someone's blog I saw how they use there smart board to let students choose the song they want to sing.  That is so cool and maybe depending on what technology they bring into the classroom I may be able to do that as well.

2. My wonderful storage/seat crates are done in my turquoise and green theme. Thank you Fantastic in First and all of the other wonderful teachers who shared the pattern.

3. My brain breaks and sight word chants are done. Thank you Ms. S from Keep Calm and Teach and Kathleen from Growing Kinders for those wonderful masters.

We have a two week family vacation planned at our lake house in North Carolina.  No internet there but I have a big list of things that I can do without it and will share what I make when I get back.  I am a bit nervous about the number of blog posts I'm going to miss while I'm gone.  Thought I'd add a couple of pictures to this post the first is of my growing pile of things that will be taken into my classroom when I can finally get in it at the end  of the month and as you can see those wonderful seat/storage crates are full.  The second is of the fun brain breaks.

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  1. Looking good! I'm in the same boat. Sooo jealous of everyone being able to get into their rooms early!
    Miss B, Busy Bee