Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our week in review

This week was another busy week for my kinders.  We continue to learn our letters and this week it was L and F.  I find that this is review for some of my kids but there are still several who are just learning their letters and sounds.  As with each letter we make a letter book which has many of the kindergarten sight words in. These books are read at school and then go home into the kids reading treasure box.  We also made our F and L classbook.  For these books each child completes a page F is for..... They draw a picture and try to stretch out the word for spelling.  I collect all of these pages and make them into a classbook which stays in my classroom library during the school year and then goes home with one of my students at the end of the year.  Sorry for no pictures, I really have to get better at snapping pictures during the week.
We also started our Very Hungry Kindergartener book this week. Each month we complete another page for this book and at the end of the year I bind the books and send them home.  My 16 year old did this when he was a kindergartener and I loved watching his growth through the year as a author and illustrator.
Here is my link to the entire year of The Very Hungry Kindergartener.
We also introduced our first IB unit of the year.  This unit falls under How we express ourselves and we are learning about the 5 senses.  My kinders are really excited to explore with their five senses and we started by exploring popcorn.
I haven't started my math work stations yet, but the kids are really enjoying the time we spend each day on our calendar books.  I continue to introduce a variety of math activities so that when we move into work stations the activities will not be unfamiliar.
I'm pleased with how my kinders are adjusting to our busy schedule and continue to be active and involved learners.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our first full week of school is in the books

We have finished our first full week of school and it was a busy, jam packed week.  We spent a lot of time learning routines and practicing these routines (Mrs. Bauer needs to remind herself to go slow to go fast at this time of the year).  The letter A was introduced and we did lots of fun things to learn it.  With every new letter we learn the class completes a letter book, lots of handwriting practice, and an A is for page which I make into a class book.  So sorry I don't have more pictures there was just not enough time to snap any.
We also spent a lot of time working on our names and will continue to do so until classmates learn each other's name.  Thank you to Mrs. Lee's Kinderkids for the cute name measuring activity last week.  I changed it a bit since I wasn't ready to bring out bingo dabbers yet, so the kids made their name in our rainbow letter fashion (writing it 3 times with 3 different crayons).  They really enjoyed measuring their names and comparing with friends.
Measuring our names with cubes.

We also started our Watch me Grow book, once again thank you to my fellow teacher bloggers in particular Mrs. Parker this book has had a facelift.  I've always done a Watch me Grow book but Mrs. Parker add  a space for the kids to add some writing as we go through the year.
It seems the weeks fly by and soon my kinders will know the routine and be learning more new things.  I'll post more on growth as global learners when we begin more of our IB units.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally Classroom pics

It's been a busy week helping my kinders adjust to school, now they've all had their initial literacy testing thanks to our reading specialist and her helpers (I'm anxious to see the results) and we had our first full class day on Friday so the real work begins.  Anyway I had a few minutes to snap some classroom pics for my blog.
This is a view of my empty writing center (lots of things will be added soon), my puppet theater and the beginning of my friends and family board.  I ask the parents to send in family, pet, etc. pictures that we can add to the board and find the kids really enjoy looking at the board through out the year.
This is my classroom library area, small group instruction and will also store my math workstation tubs here.
Large group instruction area.
Small toys, blocks, housekeeping, etc. are in this area.  As you can see we haven't started our calendar books yet, they are waiting to be filled for this week.

We are an IB school so you will see bulletin boards containing our Learner Profiles and Attitudes as well as my word wall and color and shape board.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

Yesterday was our districts official first day of school but with 175 kinders in my building we did a kindergarten orientation yesterday.  Today I had only 10 of my 25 kids, I'll have the remaining 15 tomorrow.  We spent a lot of our day going over routines.  I forget how exhausting this can be made more exhausting with indoor recess thanks to rainy Michigan weather.