Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally Classroom pics

It's been a busy week helping my kinders adjust to school, now they've all had their initial literacy testing thanks to our reading specialist and her helpers (I'm anxious to see the results) and we had our first full class day on Friday so the real work begins.  Anyway I had a few minutes to snap some classroom pics for my blog.
This is a view of my empty writing center (lots of things will be added soon), my puppet theater and the beginning of my friends and family board.  I ask the parents to send in family, pet, etc. pictures that we can add to the board and find the kids really enjoy looking at the board through out the year.
This is my classroom library area, small group instruction and will also store my math workstation tubs here.
Large group instruction area.
Small toys, blocks, housekeeping, etc. are in this area.  As you can see we haven't started our calendar books yet, they are waiting to be filled for this week.

We are an IB school so you will see bulletin boards containing our Learner Profiles and Attitudes as well as my word wall and color and shape board.

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  1. Love the blog! Looking forward to reading here :)