Sunday, October 9, 2011

A quick review of the past couple of weeks.

I'm behind on my blog postings so now I need to recap the last couple of weeks. On Monday the 26th we spent the day making applesauce and enjoying fun Johnny Appleseed activities.  The kids really enjoyed the applesauce during a movie about Johnny Appleseed.
Then a couple of days later my kinders showed great resilience as we dealt with a flood in our classroom due to a faulty univent.  This is the second leak this year but this one was a over my shoes flood.  Our custodian and I were shoveling water out of my classroom but I still need to move 2 bookcases and a variety of other item.  My kinders were troopers though and went through their day without a hitch.

The kids are really loving their calendar books, I've added tally marks and a weather graph for the month of October.

And finally our IB Senses unit has been lots of fun.  Last week we learned about our senses of sight and hearing. The kids are also learning about being caring and thinkers, two of our learner profiles.

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