Sunday, October 21, 2012

30th day of school

This week we celebrated our 30th day of school.  My kinders have really adapted to the school routines.  We are reading and writing every day.  This week during our writing share time I was able to snap some pictures of my kids writing.  Some of them are doing a great job of adding detail to their pictures.  We don't have much for words yet, just a few name labels but I'm really proud of where we've come to.

 We love when Zero the Hero comes to visit us, especially the Zero the Hero song by Jack Hartmann.  The song gets us moving and counting.

And finally we are trying to grow pumpkins.  So far only one of the 6 pumpkins has a sprout but we are optimistic they will all grow.  We also had a very large gourd brought to our classroom this week, and completed lots of investigations around this.
I have a sunny south facing classroom so grow, pumpkins, grow!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finally some pics

Some pictures from applesauce making and tasting as well as the fund run

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Has it been four weeks already?

It's hard to believe we just finished our 4th week of school.  We've been so busy learning routines and procedures and are really taking off now.  The first 2 weeks went by in a blur and I was so busy to take pictures, but then last week we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday with homemade applesauce and participated in our fund run for the PTO so I was able to take lots of pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera went back to Wisconsin in my mother in law's car when she and my sister in law, nephew and his girlfriend came to Michigan for Spencer's (my younger son) confirmation.  They are sending it back but until then just words from me.

So what have we been up to?  We are quickly learning and/or reviewing the letters and letter sounds, we have really loved our Reader's Workshop this year (a big thank you shout out to Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell who have put together some great activities).  We are learning how to draw pictures to tell stories and are beginning to label those pictures.  We have worked on learning sight words through fun activities and books. We have really enjoyed learning about our 5 senses in our first IB unit of How We Express Ourselves.  Hopefully all of our hard work will pay off in a couple of weeks when we have our authorization visit from the International Baccalaureate.  And finally we have spent lots of time getting  adjusted to our school family and making new friends.

I promise to post lots of pictures as soon as my camera gets back to me.  Until then happy learning.

Friday, September 7, 2012

First week of School

Well our first week of school is in the books. I had a bit of an easier schedule this week with half my kids on Wednesday and the other half yesterday.  Today all 25 were here.  We spent the day going over routines, routines, routines.  How is it I forget each year that incoming kinders have to learn everything?  We managed great and even did some school work.  I'm so proud of my kiddos this year, almost every one of them can write there names which is wonderful.  I took a couple of pictures while we were singing our hello song this morning. For now this is a short post, I am absolutely exhausted.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A new school, just two short weeks away

In just two short weeks, I will be welcoming a new batch of kinders to my classroom.  I've spent a lot of time over the summer working on a common core curriculum map but also made some fun polka dot signs for my classroom.  I was in yesterday and got the big furniture moved, tomorrow I'll bring my two big boys to help out. I think between the three of us we should get a lot done.  I forgot my camera yesterday but will try to remember tomorrow so I can post pictures.  Thursday I get the pleasure of helping with the final touches of the districts back to school teacher inservices.  I was part of a small committee who rewrote our elementary report cards to be common core standards based.  I am really excited to work with the standards but I know many of my colleagues aren't as excited.  As we all know it's hard to learn something new. To me the standards really help me to reflect on my teaching and apply it to the standards.

A great big welcome to my new kinders, I really hope you'll love being in my class as much as I'll love having you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

E, F, G and H is for...

These last few weeks just seem to fly by.  We celebrated E day with exercises, we were so busy that day that I forgot to take pictures of the fun.  F was for fish and flags.  We graphed goldfish crackers and learned a little about Canada's flag and a lot about our own USA flag.

G day brought lots of green wearing kinders, we played games and had lots of fun trying to see how far our gliders would fly.

H day brought lots of fun hats but even more fun our fieldtrip to Seven Ponds Nature center to learn about beavers.  We had beautiful weather and lots of parent help to make the trip a total success.

Monday, May 7, 2012

C and D is for

Posting for  both  C and D days.  C is for cats, one of my kinders brought in a cat mask.
We also read Lyle, Lyle Crocodile by Bernard Waber and made crocodile puppets.

Today was D day, d is for donuts. We had a fun treat of donuts for snacks but the highlight of the day was our kindergarten music concert.  Our kinders sang 12 songs to a packed house and as usual our music teacher Mrs. Miconi does a fantastic job.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

B is for blue and bubbles

Today was B day,  the kids came in wearing blue of course.  We spent some time learning to draw B animals, talked about b words and culminated the day with bubbles. In between the B activities we worked on our nonfiction reading and mother's day presents.  All in all it was a fun and busy day.

I took some pictures of the B drawings and the bubbles.