Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A new school, just two short weeks away

In just two short weeks, I will be welcoming a new batch of kinders to my classroom.  I've spent a lot of time over the summer working on a common core curriculum map but also made some fun polka dot signs for my classroom.  I was in yesterday and got the big furniture moved, tomorrow I'll bring my two big boys to help out. I think between the three of us we should get a lot done.  I forgot my camera yesterday but will try to remember tomorrow so I can post pictures.  Thursday I get the pleasure of helping with the final touches of the districts back to school teacher inservices.  I was part of a small committee who rewrote our elementary report cards to be common core standards based.  I am really excited to work with the standards but I know many of my colleagues aren't as excited.  As we all know it's hard to learn something new. To me the standards really help me to reflect on my teaching and apply it to the standards.

A great big welcome to my new kinders, I really hope you'll love being in my class as much as I'll love having you.