Sunday, October 21, 2012

30th day of school

This week we celebrated our 30th day of school.  My kinders have really adapted to the school routines.  We are reading and writing every day.  This week during our writing share time I was able to snap some pictures of my kids writing.  Some of them are doing a great job of adding detail to their pictures.  We don't have much for words yet, just a few name labels but I'm really proud of where we've come to.

 We love when Zero the Hero comes to visit us, especially the Zero the Hero song by Jack Hartmann.  The song gets us moving and counting.

And finally we are trying to grow pumpkins.  So far only one of the 6 pumpkins has a sprout but we are optimistic they will all grow.  We also had a very large gourd brought to our classroom this week, and completed lots of investigations around this.
I have a sunny south facing classroom so grow, pumpkins, grow!

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