Saturday, October 6, 2012

Has it been four weeks already?

It's hard to believe we just finished our 4th week of school.  We've been so busy learning routines and procedures and are really taking off now.  The first 2 weeks went by in a blur and I was so busy to take pictures, but then last week we celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday with homemade applesauce and participated in our fund run for the PTO so I was able to take lots of pictures.  Unfortunately, my camera went back to Wisconsin in my mother in law's car when she and my sister in law, nephew and his girlfriend came to Michigan for Spencer's (my younger son) confirmation.  They are sending it back but until then just words from me.

So what have we been up to?  We are quickly learning and/or reviewing the letters and letter sounds, we have really loved our Reader's Workshop this year (a big thank you shout out to Kim Adsit and Michele Scannell who have put together some great activities).  We are learning how to draw pictures to tell stories and are beginning to label those pictures.  We have worked on learning sight words through fun activities and books. We have really enjoyed learning about our 5 senses in our first IB unit of How We Express Ourselves.  Hopefully all of our hard work will pay off in a couple of weeks when we have our authorization visit from the International Baccalaureate.  And finally we have spent lots of time getting  adjusted to our school family and making new friends.

I promise to post lots of pictures as soon as my camera gets back to me.  Until then happy learning.

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